Transportation Services

Bulk Fertilizer, Feed, and Deicer Delivery

Delivering Agricultural Necessities to Farmers Across the Pacific Northwest

From Feed To Fertilizer, We've Got You Covered. 

New Service flatbed trailer-and-Van-trailer

*NEW* Flatbed & Van Trailers!

Blair Trucking would like to introduce two new divisions. Flatbed trailers and Van trailers. We have added a 53’ trailer and a 48’ trailer and two 53’ van trailers. We are excited to expand our business to haul other commodities.

liquid fertilizer on a farm

Liquid Fertilizer

Blair Trucking, LLC is well equipped to transport hazardous and non-hazardous liquid bulk loads—Sodium Bisulfite Solution, Aqua Ammonia and UN32—which present unique challenges during transport. Each and every one of our drivers go through extensive safety training to protect their own safety and the safety of our customers. 

field being fertilized

Dry Fertilizer

At Blair Trucking, LLC we take pride in providing farms with bulk fertilizer to ensure they harvest a productive crop every year. We partner with large corporations to transport products such as urea, red potash, and organic products all over the Pacific Northwest.

metal tanks for ferilizer

Liquid Feed

Blair Trucking, LLC transports liquid feed products, such as molasses, for livestock feed manufacturing companies. These companies design their feed specially for cattle and dairy cows across the United States.

Icy roadway

Deicer (Roads, Runways, Parking Lots...)

During the winter months, we also provide the transportation of deicer to Washington State Facilities, cities, and airports. Our drivers work in any weather condition to ensure that each load of deicer arrives to its destination promptly on time.