About Blair Trucking LLC

Blair Trucking, LLC is a small bulk hauling trucking company located in Pasco, Washington. We specialize in transporting liquid and dry bulk products such as fertilizers, water treatment chemicals, and deicer and much more all across the Pacific Northwest.

In 2008, Owner-Operator Jason Blair started Blair Trucking, which has grown over the past ten years to our current team of eleven drivers and fourteen trucks.  We now haul an average of 80 loads a week across more than 18,000 of miles to help farmers grow top quality crops and produce agriculture products to be distributed all across the Pacific Northwest.  

Blair Trucking was founded on integrity, hard work, and exceptional customer service—qualities we continue to value as we grow. 

About The Owner

Jason Blair grew up on his family’s dryland wheat farm in the Horse Heaven Hills of Kennewick, Washington. He has always been an entrepreneur with a passion for helping local farmers and boosting the agriculture economy. From an early age, he took an interest in trucks and as he grew up and began working on the farm, Jason realized how much farmers depend on truck drivers to transport their crops and fertilizers. In 1999, Jason saw a need for experienced and dependable drivers in the Columbia Basin, so he bought a truck, flatbed trailers, and a hopper bottom trailer and began bulk hauling products such as apples, hay, and wheat for local farmers. It didn’t take long for him to build up a reputation as a trustworthy and dependable truck driver in the local farming community. Soon, Jason expanded his services to include hauling loads of dry and liquid fertilizers, liquid feed molasses, and refrigerated loads. 

National Safety Awards One-Million Miles Without a Preventable Crash 2013-2016

"Blair Trucking LLC has been presented with National Safety Awards over the last 4 years, 3 Gold Awards and 1 Platinum Award for 2016. Blair Trucking LLC has high safety standards and it shows in their daily operations"

– Jamie Glein, RIS Insurance Services Agent

National safety awards for Blair Trucking